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Education Abroad

Exchange Student Application Information

Application Deadlines

Fall or Academic Year (August - December or August - May)

  • Application Opens: April 1
  • Nomination Deadline: April 15
  • Application Deadline: May 1

Spring (January - May)

  • Application Opens: September 1
  • Nomination Deadline: September 15
  • Application Deadline: October 1

*If the application deadline cannot be met, home institution advisors should contact Katelinc@ksu.edu. In order to nominate your students to KSU, a letter of nomination should be sent to Katelin Christianer-Donkers at Katelinc@ksu.edu

Steps to Apply as an Incoming Exchange Student


Create Exchange Student Profile

Create an Incoming Exchange Student Profile by clicking the Apply Now button on this page. Follow the steps to create an account. Please make sure to save your login details as you will access this profile throughout the application process.


Upload Supporting Documents to your Exchange Profile

In your exchange student profile, you will be asked to upload copies of the supporting documents listed below. These documents will need to be uploaded by May 1 for fall or academic year students and October 1 for spring students. 

  1. Proof of Funding
  2. Copy of passport ID and data pages
  3. Official University Transcripts (translated into English)


Submit KSU Online Admissions Application 

In your exchange student profile, you will be directed to complete a KSU admissions application. This application will be open from April 20 - May 1 for fall or academic year students and September 20 - October 1 for spring students. 

Application Fee

Exchange students are not required to pay the Kansas State University application fee.  This fee is covered by the Office of International Programs, as a part of our reciprocal exchange agreement with your home institution.