Research Abroad

Adding a research component to your experience abroad is an excellent way to dig deeper into your field of interest, develop skills needed for applying to graduate school, and gain valuable networking opportunities. As you explore your options for doing research abroad, consider the following questions:

  • Do you already have research experience?
  • Is there a particular research project or field of study you are already interested in?
  • Is there a K-State faculty member you are planning to collaborate with?
  • Is there a particular country you are wanting to do research in or are you flexible about the location?
  • Do you plan to receive academic credit for the experience?
  • Do you plan to enroll in other university courses abroad in addition to doing research?

A few options for incorporating research into your international experience:

  • Study and Research: Several partner universities allow students to complete an independent study or research-based course for credit in addition to taking regular university courses. This is a good option for students wanting to spend a semester or longer abroad but not take off an entire semester of coursework. Plan ahead and have a research project or field of interest in mind. Students typically work under the supervision of host university faculty.
  • Research only: Many KSU faculty frequently collaborate with their counterparts in other countries. Talk to your professor or advisor about possible research projects with colleagues abroad. KSU faculty might also have recommendations about short-term research options in your field of interest.

Please note: If you plan to receive KSU credit, transfer credit, or if you are receiving K-State funding for your experience, please contact Education Abroad for information about possible K-State application requirements.

To find out more about the research options available to you abroad, stop by Education Abroad and make an appointment with an Education Abroad Advisor. You can also check out our database for a list of possible research-based programs.

Other resources:

Need research experience? Visit the Office of Undergraduate Research and Creative Inquiry (OURCI) to find a KSU research mentor and develop skills needed to conduct research. OURCI students can also apply for grant funding for research or travel abroad. 1800 Claflin Rd, Suite 001, 785-532-5864,

Scholarships and Financial Aid: Students on credit-bearing programs abroad are eligible to apply for the general Education Abroad Scholarships, which includes the Duane and Shirley Acker International Scholar Award.

Information about additional funding can be found here .