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Education Abroad

Make a Plan for How you will Pay for your Program

Now that you know how to prepare a budget for an education abroad program and compare it to your current cost of attending K-State, it is time to decide on a program that is right for you and your budget. If you want to keep the cost of your program low, consider searching for programs through our affordable programs handout. If you decide on a program that will cost more, start planning ahead of time for how you will cover those additional expenses. 

Affordable Programs 

We have provided you with a list of various affordable study abroad programs if low costs are important in your decision. There are semester, summer, and research programs that are similar to costs you would incur at Kansas State. Studying in a different country doesn’t have to break the bank!

Powercat Financial

Powercat Financial is an on-campus financial counseling service, free to all K-State students. Counselors are available for one-on-one appointments to help students with budgeting, spending plans, credit, and more. This is a great resource to help you prepare financially for your education abroad experience.


If you are searching for extra ways to fund your study abroad trip, search Handshake for potential job opportunities. This is a free service for K-State students that lists on-campus, part-time off-campus, and full-time jobs. Handshake is a great for finding extra ways to make money before the start of your program.

Planning Scholarships

Although you will not be notified of most scholarships until you have committed to a program, there are some you can find out about ahead of time. This can be an immense help when choosing which adventure to embark upon. Here are a few examples of scholarships that fit this criteria: 

Scholarship NameEducation Abroad Program TermScholarship DeadlineScholarship Awardees Announced
Gilman Scholarship Fall, Spring or SummerFirst Tuesday in October/MarchEnd of November/April
Blue Key Study Abroad ScholarshipsSpring Early MarchApril or May 
Phi Kappa PhiSpringEarly March May