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Education Abroad

Military Connected Students

We recognize that veterans and their families may have different considerations when looking at participating in education abroad. Typically veterans and military connected students have some aspect of a non-traditional academic career. This may be working a full time job while completing their higher education, having a family to consider if relocating for a semester, needing to adhere to military obligations throughout the year, using the GI Bill® to assist with tuition and many other possible aspects. Education Abroad Advisors do their best to take these aspects into consideration when helping interested students find a program that fits their individual needs.

For students hoping to use the GI Bill®, it may be used to cover the cost of tuition for faculty led programs, the Kansas State University in Italy - summer program, and exchange programs options. However, there are restrictions to this statements, that students should be aware of prior to committing to a program. Please review the information about education abroad program and the GI Bill® here (pdf), this document is provided by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. We also strongly suggest that every student interested in using the GI Bill® to assist with finding the tuition for an education abroad experience speak with the Office of Veteran Affairs at Kansas State University.

To help you begin the search for possible programs, we have created a form with recommended programs to review before meeting with and Education Abroad Advisor, you can find this here (pdf).

For further information, please reference the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs website.