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Education Abroad

First Generation Students

For many first generation students, going abroad may be another unfamiliar step in your education. Going abroad can feel out of reach, especially when combined with other underrepresented identities. However, participating in an Education Abroad program can be a life changing and rewarding experience.

Family and Friends

As a first generation student, coming to college is already a first for the family. Those close to you might not be excited about the prospect of adding education abroad to your time at K-State. Think about how you will approach the discussion with them. One of the benefits of being a first generation students is that you already have the experience of navigating a new culture. You had to find your way around, learn a new academic culture, and make friends when you came to K-State, so you already have some practice! There are many benefits to Education Abroad. Consider bringing these topics to your family if they are apprehensive:

  • Employers are looking for candidates that can be successful and inclusive in an increasingly global workplace. Adding Education Abroad to your resume makes you stand out.
  • Whether you're taking classes, doing an internship, or participating in service-learning, many programs offer activities that count towards degree requirements. We can help you stay on track!
  • You don't have to go abroad for an entire semester. Faculty led programs over semester breaks and summer options are also available. 
  • Most K-State Education Abroad programs allow you to use the federal financial aid, scholarships, and grants that you already receive while you're abroad. Talk with your Education Abroad Advisor and the Office of Student Financial Assistance to learn more. 



Are you a first generation student that would like to share your Education Abroad experience? Let us know! Email overseas@ksu.edu for more information.