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Video and Engineering Services

Success Stories

Our custom service offerings are sometimes best described through examples. Here are some project descriptions that might resemble what you're trying to do.

George Bush Landon Lecture

Client: K-State President's Office, CNN, Armed Services Network, WDAF-TV

President George W. Bush Landon LectureWhen a standing U.S. President comes to town, everything has to flow smoothly. That's why Kansas State University and network news bureaus rely on the Division of Communications and Marketing's Video and Engineering Services to provide a clean broadcast signal whenever a distinguished speaker comes to Manhattan for the Landon Lecture series.

Special security measures didn't allow large network trucks to park close to the lecture hall the day of President Bush's speech. This would've made it impossible to obtain a video feed, but VES responded early by tackling the logistics of this important broadcast. Having obtained clearances for the crew and Mobile Production unit, VES offered a live signal to eager broadcasters stuck outside. The event was uplinked live via satellite and broadcast globally to military personnel through the Armed Services Network. CNN requested footage, and our Engineering department used the uplink facilities to transmit live interviews and responses to WDAF (in Kansas City) later that evening.

Dr. Powell's Dilemma

Client: MSNBC

Dr. Powell's DilemmaFood borne pathogen expert Douglas Powell works full time at K-State; so when MSNBC invited him to enlighten viewers on the topic of tainted spinach, he thought he'd have to decline. His busy schedule just wouldn't allow a trip to New York.

Taking advantage of IFB ("network backhaul") technology, Dr. Powell was able to interact with MSNBC's news host live from our Manhattan, KS studio. During his interview, we received a call from another TV station. They'd eyed the first broadcast and also wanted to feature Powell! Already seated happily in the studio, the food authority agreed to do the second live interview- all without leaving campus.

Kansas Governor Uplink

Client: NewsHour with Jim Lehrer

Gov. Kathleen SebeliusFormer Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius needed to make a timely statement to the press. The war in Iraq had left Kansas with a shortage of resources after recent weather related problems devastated farmers and citizens. Television is how government reaches America, but doing an impromptu broadcast from the State Capitol was full of hurdles.

There wasn't enough lead time to park the satellite truck and run the tremendous lengths of cable required to capture video directly from the Governor's office. Air-time was set for that evening, and postponement wasn't an option. Looking creatively at the problem, our Video and Engineering Services producer suggested shooting the interview at the Governor's mansion: an attractive setting where set-up would be relatively easy and quick. The network was grateful for the stress-relieving solution, and the Governor's message went out on time, without a hitch.

Global Flyer

Client: On Scene Productions

Global FlyerThe late, great Steve Fossett's dream of taking a world record flight starting at K-State Salina required planning, determination, and good old-fashioned guts. Video and Engineering Services personnel had to match his efforts to document the world-wide flight as a series of breaking news stories originating around the globe.

Working closely with Virgin Airlines, the VES production and engineering teams helped establish a broadcast command center at the Salina airstrip, from where incoming stories were reported. This was a high profile event for Kansas, Salina, and K-State. It required months of planning and Video and Engineering Services stayed on the scene through several mechanical mishaps and flight postponements due to severe weather. The mobile Satellite Truck and production crew worked two shifts, 24/7 to bring the news to the world as it happened. Our production crew rose to the challenge, capturing once in a lifetime moments like take-off and landing from a second aircraft that had to keep Fossett's flight sharply in focus.

Uniting Troops with Families

Client: Freedom Calls

Uniting Troops with FamiliesThe 82nd Air Med Company at Fort Riley sought how to put their Iraq soldiers in closer touch with those back home, so they contacted Freedom Calls: a nonprofit that helps troops in foreign lands communicate with families. Freedom Calls asked the Division of Communications and Marketing to provide personal contact through videoconferencing, and the DCM called its forces to action.

Through three 8-hour weekend sessions, 16 families participated in two-way interactive video calls with their loved ones. U.S. troops could see and talk with their spouses and children, many after a long absence. Some officers saw their babies walk for the first time! It was a heartwarming experience our folks will long remember.

National Walleye Tournament Championship

Client: Cabela's

National Walleye Tournament ChampionshipThe world's foremost outfitter came to Milford Lake in Kansas to host the National Walleye Tournament Championship. They had heard about the Division of Communications and Marketing's Video and Engineering Services skill running videoboards during Country Stampede and K-State athletic events, and wanted us to provide big screen video during weigh-ins and award presentations. Cabela's had never used a big screen in their tournaments before, and though we had done plenty of videoboard work, they'd never done a fishing tournament. What happened next might sound like a fish tale, but all of it is true!

Cabela's ambitious vision was to create caricatures of all 150 contestants for display on the big screen- to be individually shown on demand- so our Design Services unit set right to work drawing amusing portraits. Cameras were stationed in boats to capture each team's launch, yet expensive and sensitive gear had to stay dry. Our mobile production system relayed the fish weigh-ins happening far outside the stadium, while on-stage camera crews provided close-ups of the emotions reeled in there. This event was so successful that our crews have frequently traveled to other locations around the United States in support of Cabela's tournaments.

Meat Packing Safety

Client: K-State Animal Sciences Department

Meat Packing SafetyHandling meat is serious business. A wrong move during meat processing could result in illness or death. To help meat packers measure up to the latest safe practices, K-State's Animal Sciences Department received a grant to produce a rigorous training program. But how would they teach such meticulous scientific processes to transient workers?

Video and Engineering Services helped explain safe meat packing in the most accessible way: through engaging instructional video. Our learning experts ensured an educational result, emphasizing each critical step to help workers visualize and remember. Meat plants are noisy, unaccommodating places; yet we delivered clean, professional video that's easy to understand. The Meat Packing Safety videos are now used as the benchmark for similar training programs throughout the state of Kansas.