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Office of Undergraduate Research & Creative Inquiry

Current Research Project Openings

As we receive undergraduate research assistant requests, we will post them on this page. Please check back frequently for new listings. 

Project Title: Computational drug discovery for cancer, immunology, and malaria

Project Description: Students will apply computational methods to analyze potential drug/target interactions, characterize trends in structure activity relationships, predict drug binding pockets, and identify new drugs. Methods used may include molecular modeling and visualization, molecular dynamics simulations, quantum chemistry, and machine learning. We will primarily focus on potential drugs for cancer, immunology, and malaria. Computational results will be tested experimentally in our lab and labs of collaborators.

Student Assistant Activities: Apply computational methods to drive research projects. Participate in research teams. Contribute to research that will be published in academic journals. Lots of data analysis. Help other research team members.

Time Commitment: 8+ hours a week during the school year, 30+ hours a week during the summer. Looking for commitment for 2+ years.
Required Skills: Some background and interest in chemistry, physics, mathematics/statistics, computer science as applied to biomedical problems. Previous programming experience especially with Python and Linux desirable.

*Potential for funding as students gain experience. Course credit available.

If interested, please contact Ho Leung Ng (contact information below) for additional information.

Principal Investigator Information:
Name: Ho Leung Ng
College/Department: Arts and Sciences/Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics
Campus address: 34 Chalmers Hall
Phone number: 785-532-2518
Email: hng@ksu.edu