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K-State Today

September 28, 2011

Entomologists create new "Stored Product Protection" publication

By David Margolies

Two professors from Kansas State University and a colleague from Oklahoma State University have helped create a new academic publication.

David W. Hagstrum, adjunct professor of entomology, Thomas W. Phillips, professor of entomology, and Gerrit Cuperus of Oklahoma State, will be the editors of “Stored Product Protection.” The publication updates “Management of Grain, Bulk Commodities and Bagged Products,” previously published By Oklahoma State and “Stored Product Management.”

The publication will include authors from the United States Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Research Service and National Institute of Food and Agriculture, land-grant university extension and research programs, scientists and regulators from other agencies and individuals from the private sector. The publication will be an excellent resource for grain, food and pest control industries and will include the following topics: fumigation and fumigant alternatives; general pesticide registration categories and the specialty category “stored products;” Non-chemical pest management methods; inspection and pest management of food processing and storage facilities; raw and processed commodity protection for grain products; dried fruits and nuts, and other durable animal and plant products; integrated pest management decision making and economics of storage and pest management. The publication will emphasize improved integrated pest management and pesticide education. Additional information is available here.