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Frequently Asked Questions

I am a first-semester student and have not taken my StrengthsFinder Assessment. Who do I contact to get my free access code?

You will find your StrengthsFinder access code in your KSIS account. Navigate to Self Service, Student Success, StrengthsQuest to find your access code. Once you find your access code, copy your code and register your code through the CliftonStrengths website.

How long is my strengths access code valid?

K-State students who receive a free access code have one semester to register their code and complete the assessment. If you do not take the assessment during your first semester at K-State, you will have to purchase your own access code at the K-State Campus Bookstore in the Union.

I took CliftonStrengths and identified my top five strengths, but I am not involved in any of the campus organizations or classes on campus to learn more about my strengths. Where do I go?
You can schedule a one-on-one peer coaching session to talk about your strengths in action by filling out this request form.
Why can’t I access my Strengths theme report?

Check the pop-up settings on your computer to make sure you can access your theme report. Make sure to type in your user id correctly (example: if you used yourname@ksu.edu and are now trying to log in as yourname@k-state.edu your user id and password will not be recognized).

For support – contact Gallup. You can also call the help line at 1.888.211.4049

Who can I visit with on campus if I want to incorporate strengths within my student organization or campus-living learning community?

You can visit our office in 122 Anderson Hall, email us, or submit a presentation request form.

Who can I visit with on campus if I want to incorporate strengths development within my department or office?

Contact the Strengths Champion within your department, or submit a presentation request form.

I took the StrengthsQuest assessment my freshman year, but I believe my strengths have changed. Where can I go to take the assessment again?

Retaking the assessment is discouraged, as Gallup research has shown that your first assessment is the most accurate. Because of this, your StrengthsFinder access code is only valid for a one-time use.

I am a strengths fanatic! How can I learn more about strengths?

If you’re a student, you can join our student organization Strengths Advocates! If you’re university faculty, staff or administration, contact us about becoming a Strengths Champion.