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Visual Cognition Laboratory

Applied Research

Developing a New Measure of the Useful Field of View

How much can we see, attend to, and process within our field of view? How can multi-tasking affect our field of view? Is there a reliable way to measure and test this?

Physics Problem Solving

How can information in an image help us solve a problem? Can inexperienced problem solvers become more accurate if we cue them on where to look in an image?

Film Perception and Comprehension

How do we understand films? Is our attention allocated while viewing a film by our own motivations, or by the features of the film itself?

Content-Based Image Retrieval

Is there a way to classify images based on their characteristics that will make them easier to find in a search?

Gaze-Contingent Multi-Resolutional Displays

How can we lessen the demands on computer displays? Can we save processing resources by making displays gaze-contingent with high resolution only at the center of vision?

Matching Image Update Rates in GCMRDs to the Temporal Limits of Vision

How fast must the high-resolution center of a gaze-contingent multi-resolutional display be updated? Will perception or performance be affected?

Matching the Drop-Off of Image Resolution in GCMRDs to Human Visual Resolution

What are the limits of human visual resolution? How can we make a gaze-contingent multi-resolutional display match these limits?

The Effects on Perception and Performance When Image Resolution Drops

How does blur in an image affect perception and performance?