Social/Personality Recent PhDs

NameYearAdvisorTitle and Institution
Barlett, Natalie2013Dr. Mark BarnettVisiting Assistant Professor, Gettysburg College
Hockett, Jericho2013Dr. Donald SaucierLecturer, Washburn University
McManus, Jessica2013Dr. Donald SaucierAssistant Professor, Carroll College
Nettelhorst, Stephen2013Dr. Laura BrannonAssistant Professor, Tusculum College
Webster, Russell2012Dr. Donald SaucierVisiting Assistant Professor, Gustavus Adolphus
Chu, Po Sen (Mark)2011Dr. Donald SaucierAssistant Professor, Western New Mexico State
Smith, Sara2011Dr. Donald SaucierLecturer, Washburn University
Pilling, Valerie2008Dr. Laura BrannonEvaluator, Office of Educational Innovation and
Evaluation, Kansas State University
Bartel, Jeffrey2006Dr. Mark BarnettAdjunct Professor, Washington and Jefferson
Conner, Amy2005Dr. Laura BrannonResearch and Evaluation Specialist, Manhattan
Ogden USD 383 School District