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Department of Psychological Sciences

Industrial/Organizational Recent PhDs

NameYearAdvisorTitle and Institution
Jackson, Alex2016Dr. Patrick KnightAssistant Professor, Middle Tennessee State University
Frizzell, Rebecca2015Dr. Patrick KnightResearch Psychologist, Department of Health and Human Services
Waples, Christopher2015Dr. Patrick KnightAssistant Professor, University of Nebraska at Kearney
Van Ittersum, Kyle2015 Dr. Clive FullagarAssistant Professor, Angelo State University 
Gopalan, Neena2011Dr. Ronald DowneyAssistant Professor, University of Central Missouri
Smith, Michael2011Dr. Ronald DowneyAssistant Professor, Southern Illinois University
Brunner, Jason2010Dr. Patrick KnightDirector, Institutional Research and Effectiveness,
College For Financial Planning, Greenwood Village, CO.
Mills, Maura2010Dr. Clive FullagarAssistant Professor, Hofstra University
Rupayana, Disha2010Dr. Clive FullagarResearch Scientist, Skillsurvey, Inc.
Linsner, Sarah2009Dr. Clive FullagarBehavioral Analyst, PeopleAnswers, Dallas/Fort Worth
Egleston, David2008Dr. Clive FullagarAssistant Professor, Lawrence Technological University
Steele, John2008Dr. Clive FullagarMerchandise Planning Manager, Target, Minnesota.
Wefald, Andrew2008Dr. Ronald DowneyLeadership Studies Assistant Professor/Academic
Advisor, Kansas State University
Sanders (Comer), Cheryl2007Dr. Patrick KnightSenior Researcher, Assessments, Starbucks,
Bentonville, AR
Gill, David2007Dr. Ronald Downey 
Lundstrom, Joel2007Dr. Patrick KnightVice President of Student Services, Manhattan Area
Technical College
Mutschink, John2007Dr. Patrick KnightExecutive Director, Human Resources, Maxim
Integrated, San Jose, CA
Watson, Kelley 2007Dr. Patrick KnightSenior Director of Human Resources, Applied Materials,
Santa Clara, CA