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Department of Psychological Sciences


Kansas State University offers an Applied Cognitive Science Emphasis, coordinated by the Department of Psychology. Cognitive science is the interdisciplinary study of the structures and processes involved in information processing systems. As an interdisciplinary field, cognitive science utilizes insights from cognitive, social, developmental, and biological psychology, as well as from other fields such as philosophy, linguistics, anthropology, computer science, and biology. Applied cognitive science maintains a focus on how the research itself can involve more realistic investigations and how knowledge gained from this research can be translated into real world issues.

Students adding a focus on Applied Cognitive Science must successfully complete the Seminar in Applied Cognitive Science (a multidisciplinary graduate survey seminar, involving guest presentations), complete a research project under the direction of a participating faculty member, and a minimum of 9 credits from the ACS curriculum (Some of these credit hours may overlap with general degree requirements).

This emphasis is particularly suited to students who wish to expand their graduate education and their research to encompass topics that extend beyond their particular department. For further information about the Applied Cognitive Science Emphasis, please contact the director of the program Dr. Gary Brase at gbrase@ksu.edu or 785-532-0609.