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Department of Philosophy

Philosophy Minor

Faculty Lounging Students who cannot fit the interdisciplinary option into their schedule may find a philosophy minor as providing both useful preparation and important skills for undergraduate study or entry into employment where ethics of policy-making is a central concern.  This curriculum applies to all students who declare a minor in Fall of 2013 or later.  For students who declared a minor prior to Fall, 2013, you should speak to the department head about which curriculum is most suitable for you to follow.  The former curriculum is available here.

Requirements: 18 credit hours in philosophy

  1. One logic course from (3 credits):
    • PHILO 110, Introduction to Formal Logic; or
    • PHILO 320, Symbolic Logic I
  2. Three courses from (9 credits):
    • PHILO 301 History of Philosophy
    • PHILO 305 Reasons, Decisions, and Society
    • PHILO 330 Moral Philosophy
    • PHILO 340 Reasons and Reliable Knowledge
  3. Two additional philosophy electives (6 credits).