Assessment Results

The specific quantitative and qualitative data collected

Quantitative and qualitative measures are used to assess departmental SLOs.  Quantitative measures include multiple-choice tests and logic exercises.  Qualitative measures include evaluation of written essays.  SLOs are assessed on a rotating basis in the following classes:

Table mapping SLOs to courses
Departmental SLOs300301320330340525535585635640645
7 X  XX X   
8 X  XX X   
9  X        
12 X         
14   X X X   

The sample of students from whom data were collected

Because Philo 300, 301, 320, 330 and 340 are core classes required of every major and minor in the philosophy program, all majors and all minors have been assessed. Because the upper division course (5 and 6 hundred level courses) comprise those most frequently taken by our majors, all majors have been assessed in both lower and upper division courses by the time of their graduation. 


Results (2012-2013)

In the 2012-2013 school year, four SLOs were assessed in six classes.  Percentage of students demonstrating competence and excellence with respect to each SLO were as follows:


Competent: 86%

Exceptional: 57%


Competent: 87%

Exceptional: 62%

SLO 10

Competent: 82%

Exceptional: 59%

SLO 11

Competent: 93%

Exceptional: 93%