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Department of Philosophy

Philosophy Courses

The philosophy department at K-State teaches a wide variety of courses, which change from semester to semester.

  • For a list of the courses the department is currently offering, click here.
  • For a list of the courses our department will be offering next semester, click here.
  • For a list of all philosophy courses with descriptions, click here.

Upper Level Seminars

In addition to our introductory courses, our department also offers specialized upper division courses every semester.

This semester (Spring 2017), our upper division courses are:

  • History of Philosophy (PHILO 301), with Prof. Leach-Krouse
  • Reasons, Decisions, and Society (PHILO 305), with Prof. Wagner
  • Moral Philosophy (PHILO 330), with Prof. Hicks
  • Philosophy of Gender (PHILO 331), with Prof. Ferrin
  • Worlds, Things, and Properties (PHILO 345), with Prof. Tanona
  • Medical Ethics (PHILO 365), with Prof. Ferrin
  • Perspectives on Science (PHILO 501), with Prof. Tanona
  • Philosophy of Law (PHILO 535), with Prof. Mahoney
  • Aesthetics (PHILO 570), with Prof. Hamilton