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Music Education

Student Expectations

Thank you for agreeing to work with this music student apprentice. The Music Teacher Apprentice Program is an opportunity for those interested in pursuing a career as a music teacher to see first hand what is involved in this profession. All of the students have experienced the music classroom from the point of view of a student but few, if any, have considered the job of a teacher from the other side of the podium. This apprenticeship experience will help this student make an early commitment to becoming a music teacher through first-hand experience.


The following are the expectations involving the Early Field Experience for Freshman Music Education students: (teacher’s responsibilities are underlined)


Individual student expectations

  • The student attend your class during the agreed upon time for the entire semester.
  • Students are required to keep a journal of their experience.
  • The student will assist the instructor as decide by the teacher. (see below for possibilities)
  • Discuss with the teacher non-instructional responsibilities such as: organization of equipment and music, planning for concerts, purchasing of needed supplies, working with parents, raising funds to pay for expenses of the program, and any other relevant information that can help the student understand the music teaching profession.


If you decide for the student to play an active role in the classroom, please keep in mind that these students have had no instruction pertaining to teaching and will need a lot of guidance.


Activities that the student could be asked to do (but not limited to this list):



  • Assist in organization of materials, equipment, music, etc.
  • Learn to operate instructional equipment (sound system, projection unit, midi instruments, etc)
  • Clerical duties: (Copy, file, organize, etc)
  • Set up and dismantle rehearsal room and necessary equipment
  • Prepare/organize resource materials for future use: (tapes, computer programs, transposition of music, etc.)
  • Preview possible recordings, scores, or internet sites for classroom use.
  • Prepare instructional materials: (worksheets, quizzes, answer keys, overhead charts, powerpoints, etc)
  • Observe course or lesson planning
  • Assist with equipment/music inventory


  • Collect or distribute music (arrange in score order and file)
  • Observe or supervise students in sectional or lessons.
  • Take attendance, make seating charts, arrange instructional materials, verify absences or tardies.
  • Assist in fire/tornado drills
  • Supervise student work with teacher direction
  • Assist with special class projects
  • Assist the teacher in any way that the teacher feels the student is competent