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Music Education

Student Duties

Activities that the student could be asked to do:

  • Assist in organization of materials, equipment, music, etc.
  • Learn to operate instructional equipment (sound system, projection unit, midi instruments, etc)
  • Clerical duties: (Copy, file, organize, etc)
  • Set up and dismantle rehearsal room and necessary equipment
  • Prepare/organize resource materials for future use: (tapes, computer programs, transposition of music, etc.)
  • Collect or distribute music (arrange in score order and file)
  • Preview possible recordings, scores, or internet sites for classroom use.
  • Prepare instructional materials: (worksheets, quizzes, answer keys, overhead charts, powerpoints, etc)
  • Observe course or lesson planning
  • Observe or supervise students in sectional or lessons.
  • Observe or assist with assessment of students.
  • Take attendance, make seating charts, arrange instructional materials.
  • Assist in fire/tornado drills
  • Observe interpersonal communication between students and teacher
  • Supervise student work with teacher direction
  • Assist with special class projects
  • Evaluate student work (playing tests, homework, student practice)
  • Assist the teacher in any way that the teacher feels the student is competent
  • Assist with equipment/music inventory
  • Assist in ordering supplies
  • Verify absences or tardies
  • Attend student assembly