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Music Education

Music History

You may organize music history instruction as independent study or as a class setting. When I ran a music theory class in my high school, I taught history along with this course that was an after school credited class one or two days per week. Although there were two or three different levels of music theory classes, I did not interject music history until the second year. Many music history information was also presented in the full ensemble class associated with the music we were studying.

Suggested Sequence of Student Learning Expectations:


Year One Student Learning Expectations

No history formally taught

Year Two Student Learning Expectations

Identification of major historical periods and the major composers/compositions

Year Three Student Learning Expectations

Identification of 20th Century musical styles, composers, compositions, and performers


The following free websites are recommended for preparation of collegiate music study. These are listed in order of recommendation.

1: Music History: A student-created resource, charting the periods of musical history through an analysis of their associated styles, composers and instruments.

2: Internet Public Library: Internet Public Library entry categorizes according to musical period, including Middle Ages, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Twentieth Century.

3: Music History Resources: Outlines and timelines on various topics in music history from the Middle Ages to the present.

4: Oldies Music contains history, trivia and charts pertaining to the music of the 50s, 60s and 70s.

5: Roughstock's History of Country Music: A chronological review of artists and songs from 1920 to 2000. Includes archive images, sound clips and movies.

6: Lesson Tutor: Index of Music lesson plans, worksheets, puzzles ... Interactive puzzles, music notation notes and lesson plans with ... Music and Music History ... ABC of Music : A Short Practical Guide to the Basics

7: A Passion for Jazz! Music History and Education History of Jazz music, styles and musicians featuring timeline, festivals, photos, guitar & piano chords, scales, glossary & online lessons.

8: All About Jazz: Interesting and informative information about Jazz.