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Master of Public Health Program

News - 2011

February 2011:  MPH Program Update

March 2011: MPH Program Update

7 April 2011: The MPH Program hosted the 3rd Annual Excellence in Public Health at K-State Awards Reception at the Alumni Center. Dean Shanklin presided over the event and presented awards to this year’s honorees: Ms. Gina Besenyi, 2011 Outstanding MPH Student; Mr. Ty Kane, 2011 Outstanding MPH Graduate; Dr. Bob Larson, 2011 Outstanding MPH Faculty; Mr. Aaron Boyd and Ms. Julie Pickler, 2011 Best Public Health Video. 
Reception Photo Gallery

May 2011:  New MPH graduates include Svetlana Cotelea, Emily Gaugh, and Naomi Wheeler.  Graduate Certificate recipients include Yevgeniya Klanovets, Abdunabi Kuchimov, Julie Louk, Naira Sergeeva, and Stephanie Young.

August 2011:  New MPH graduates include Gina Besenyi, Shweta Gopalakrishnan, Kaarin Lund, Chris Marion, Scott Saathoff, and Connie Ellis.  Graduate Certificate recipient includes Melissa Taylor. 

August 2011New Student Orientation (PDF)

September 2011: MPH Program Update (PDF)

October 2011: All Faculty Meeting (PDF)

December 2011:  New MPH graduates include Aaron Boyd, Heather Chance, Valerie Dysart, Julie Louk, Julie Pickler, Mellina Stephen, Chelsea Stephens, Katherine Vaughan, and Shely Weinrich.

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