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Master of Public Health Program

News - 2010

January 2010:  MPH Program Update

5 April 2010: The MPH Program hosted the 2nd Annual Excellence in Public Health at K-State Awards Reception at the Alumni Center. Deans Ralph Richardson and Carol Shanklin made remarks, and Dean Shanklin recognized this year’s award winners: Dr. Lisa Freeman, 2010 Outstanding Faculty member and Dr. Jen Akers, 2010 Outstanding MPH Student.
Celebrating Public Health 2010 - Excellence in Public Health at K-State

May 2010:  New MPH graduates include Katie Flock, Lindsey Jones Kelly, and Danyel Olson.

July 2010:  MPH Program Update

August 2010:  New MPH Graduates include Jennifer Lyngren-Snyder and Samuel Ornelas.

August 2010:  New Student Orientation

September 2010:  MPH Program Update

December 2010:  New MPH Graduates include Rachel Buffington, Tarrie Crnic, Andrea Schrage and Megan Webb.  Graduate Certificate recipients include Lindsay Banks and Tara Lopez.

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