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Master of Public Health Program

The MPH Vision, Mission, Goals and Values

Vision: Be a Leader and Innovator in Public Health.

Mission: To provide interdisciplinary education, scholarship and service across public health, affecting human, animal, and community health locally, regionally, and globally. 

This multi-faceted mission aligns with the three main aspects of Kansas State University’s land-grant mission - education, research, and service.

Four Overarching Goals aligned with the program vision describe how our mission will be accomplished in instruction, scholarship, service, and student success in order to advance the field of public health and promote student success.

Instruction: Provide excellent interdisciplinary education to all students in public health through current and relevant curricula.

Scholarship: Conduct and communicate collaborative research and scholarship in public health.

Service: Partner with and support public health practitioners, to enhance health within Kansas and beyond.

Student Success: Mentor and support public health students who excel and will succeed beyond graduation to build the public health workforce.

Our Statement of Values guides and informs the program and its stakeholders. The MPH Program is an integral part of the entire university setting and adheres to the values communicated in the Kansas State University’s Principles of Community statement.  This statement is located on K-State’s website: http://www.k-state.edu/about/community.html