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Master of Public Health Program

Core Concepts Learning Outcome

Approved by Graduate College Assessment Review Committee on March 5, 2008.

Students seeking a graduate certificate in Public Health Core Concepts at Kansas State University will be able to:

Apply statistical methods to the solution of problems in public health and medicine, including the use of health data and the design and analysis of surveys and experiments.

Understand the distribution and determining factors of disease, injuries, and death in human populations, exploring variations in relation to such considerations as age, gender, race, occupational and social characteristics, diet, and the environment.

Environmental Health:
Identify, measure, and control biological, chemical and physical hazards in the environment to promote and protect human health.

Health Services Administration:
Examine the organization and financing of the public and private sector activities required at local, state, and federal levels and treat disease.

Social and Behavioral Health:
Explore how people’s health-related behaviors interact with their social, cultural, physical, and biological environments and learn how to combat health-damaging behaviors and become advocates for health-promoting behaviors.