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Master of Public Health Program

MPH Learning Outcomes

Approved by Graduate College Assessment Review Committee on May 2, 2005.

MPH graduates at Kansas State University will be able to:

Describe and discuss the five core areas of knowledge that are basic to public health and biosafety.

Demonstrate acquisition of skills and experiences in the application of knowledge from an area of emphasis to the solution of regional, national, and international public health problems.

Demonstrate the ability to integrate knowledge and skills to solve problems and to produce scholarly work in a culminating experience in the form of a thesis, report, and/or community-based field project.

Affirm the worth and personal dignity of everyone regardless of individual differences and contribute to a climate of civility, community, trust, and reasoned discussion on campus and in public health delivery settings.

Professional Development:
Recognize the value of intellectual curiosity and the need for lifelong learning in order to keep abreast of changes in the fields of public health, biosafety, and security.