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Bienvenus, Bienvenidos, Benvenuto, Willkommen

The Department of Modern Languages is the university's cultural crossroads with programs and courses in ten languages to enhance your future career

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Modern Languages News and Events

* Freshmen/Transfer Orientation & Enrollment
June 10th through 26th
August 20th & 21st
* First Year Seminars are still open for enrollment:
  • MLANG 280 Europe at the Movies (16648) B 3 K. Antonioli, N. Chronister & M. Cro MW/F 3:55-5:10/2:30-5:00.

  • MLANG 280 War & the Holocaust in 20th-Century Lit (17668) C 3 R. Clark & P. Martinez Diente TU 9:30-10:45. 

* Spanish in Action CAT Community still open for enrollment.