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Leadership Seminar

Mary Molt
Housing and Dining Services
College of Human Ecology

Ron Wilson
Huck Boyd Nat'l Institute for Rural Development

Joshua Hilbrand, Seminar Coordinator
K-State Global Campus

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K-State Global Campus

2017 Seminar

March 29, 2017, K-State Student Union

This year’s Leadership Seminar is new in so many ways. Professionals from the Agile Strategy Lab at Purdue University will lead activities for the day focused on “Strategic Doing.” The Seminar will introduce this innovative process to K-State and our regional community as a means to make a real difference in how we approach and reach our department's or organization's goals. 

“Strategic Doing” is an alternative to strategic planning. It seeks to solve complex and dynamic challenges by engaging teams to collaborate quickly, move toward measurable outcomes, and adjust for changes along the way. This lean, agile, and fast strategy is great for teams, so we encourage several players from your department or organization to attend. Team discounts are available. 

You will also hear from several other speakers, including Matt Deighton, author of Molly and the Tornado and the Volunteer Coordinator in Greensburg, KS after the devastating 2007 tornado there. Read more about Matt

The K-State Leadership Seminar gives participants:
  • practical, hands-on information and tools
  • best practices for effective leadership
  • inspiration to exercise leadership when it really counts
  • an idea of where to go for additional leadership resources
  • a connection to others who are working to grow their leadership skills
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