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Lafene Health Center

Administrative Staff

Jim Parker

Jim Parker, MBA
Director of Lafene Health Center

Administration, Room 259, 785.532.7755
Master of Business Administration, Kansas State University 1995
B.A. Biology, Bethany College, 1987



Photo of Catherine A. Barry
Catherine A. Barry, RN, BSN, MS
Associate Clinical Director/Risk Manager

Administration, Room 241, 785.532.6544
MS Adult & Continuing Education, Kansas State University 1993
B.S. Nursing, Ohio State University, 1968



doctor skiles
Linda Skiles, MD
Medical Director 
Ross University School of Medicine
Board Certified in Family Medicine
Irwin Army Community Hospital, Ft. Riley, KS

Pat Bidwell, ARRT (R) (M)
Director of Radiology

Room 273, 785.532.6544

Mark Brown-Barnett, RPh
Director of Pharmacy

Room 261, 785.532.7758

Shecky Davis
Director of Administrative Services

Administration, Room 259, 785.532.7755

Jean DeDonder, PhD, APRN
Clinic Coordinator

Room 276, 785.532.6544

Nancy Hardy, MT, ASCP
Director of Laboratory

Room 240, 785.532.6544

Julie Gibbs, MPH
Director of Health Promotion

Room 268, 785.532.6595

Jeff Kreuser, ATC, MS
Director of Rehabilitation Services

Room 228, 785.532.6544

Sharon Maike
Director, Registration and Records


       Melinda Bowen, RN
       Women's Clinic Coordinator

       Room 256, 785.532.6544

             Dianna Schalles, MS, RD, LD                                                                                                          Nutrition Counseling Coordinator

             Room 256, 785.532.6544