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University Honors Program

College Coordinators


The UHP is a university-wide program, but we have participants from all colleges here at K-State. College coordinators are faculty within each college who oversee implementation of the program in their field. They help us tailor the requirements for each college so that we can offer academically relevant, enriching, & scholarly activities and experiences to every single student in the program.   


College of Agriculture || Shannon G. Washburn 

Assistant Dean/Professor - Academic Programs AG
117 Waters Hall
(785) 532-6151



College of Architecture, Planning, & Design || Lynn Ewanow

Associate Dean/Professor - Architecture, Planning, & Design Office
212 Seaton Hall
(785) 532-1995



College of Arts & Sciences || Louise Benjamin

Associate Dean/Professor - Arts & Sciences Dean Office
117 Eisenhower Hall
(785) 532-6900



College of Business Administration || Joe Ugrin

Associate Professor - Department of Accounting
3017 Business Building
(785) 532-5897



College of Education || Kelly Briggs

Advisor-Ctr for Stu & Prof Svc - Education Dean of
013 Bluemont Hall
(785) 532-5524



College of Engineering || Gary A Clark

Associate Dean/Professor - Engineering
1046 Rathbone Hall
(785) 532-5590



College of Human Ecology || Shawna Jordan, PhD, ATC, LAT

Assistant Dean/Assistant Professor
119 Justin Hall
(785) 532-5500