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University Honors Program

Honors Credit: Study Abroad to Brazil: From Forest to Sea


Travel dates: May 19-June 5, 2014

Courses offered: ENGL 465; ENGL 799; BIOL 495; GEOG 490

(Students are expected to enroll in two three-credit courses  from the three academic disciplines offered; all courses are tagged for K-State 8 content areas and fulfill distributional requirements for the College of Arts and Sciences.)


This interdisciplinary program will take students through diverse, endangered forests and coastal areas of northeastern Brazil.  The remaining Atlantic rainforest comprises preserves for indigenous ecosystems, surrounded by examples of colonial agriculture (cocoa plantations) and post-colonial development (eco-tourism). Through courses in biology, geography, and English, Honors students can tour the "Brazilian Discovery Coast"--a term that dates back to the Portuguese explorers of the 16th century--while anticipating 21st century's many challenges for this unique and beautiful region.


All students participate in all the activities, lectures and tours, but will complete written assignments designed through the specific courses in which they are enrolled. English assignments in nature writing or literary journalism, for example, will specifically call for reflection and reinterpretation regarding their work in biology or geography.


Upon completion of the coursework, students will submit one of their completed papers/essays to the undergraduate research journal, Crossing Borders.


Application instructions are available at: http://www.k-state.edu/studyabroad/apply/


Application Deadline: February 14, 2014 (due to the Study Abroad Office via online application)

Enrollment takes place during the enrollment period for summer classes, beginning April 1, 2014



Trip costs and payment deadlines, tentative travel itinerary and trip highlights, and important links for scholarships are available at