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University Honors Program

PHILO 297 - Honors Introduction to the Humanities

3 Credits


A discussion-survey of some seminal works in the Western literary, philosophical, and cultural tradition. Enrollment is generally limited to entering freshmen who have been accepted into the University Honors Program.

The Honors Introduction to the Humanities is made up of four different course listings: ENGL 297, HIST 297, MLANG 297, and PHILO 297. All classes in the Honors Humanities have a common reading list and follow approximately the same course format, but details of the schedule and assignments may differ from course to course. Each of these classes is interchangeable for the the Basic Requirements for the College of Arts & Sciences. For example, taking the MLANG 297 course can count as a philosophy course or a western heritage course (but not both).

In PHILO 297, we will focus on perennial philosophical questions such as: What is human nature? What is the good life? How should we evaluate conflicting arguments about the best way for persons to live? What is the nature of moral responsibility? We will also consider the ways in which the texts covered in this class advance a conception of the person, her values, her relationship to the divine, to nature, to society or culture, and to other individuals.

PLEASE NOTE that at four times during the semester, all sections of the Honors Introduction to the Humanities will meet together. Because these evening meetings may cause conflicts, but are a required portion of the course, you should plan to reserve these four evenings immediately upon their announcement in class.