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University Honors Program
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DAS 100 - Freshman Seminar

A unique course offered through the College of Arts and Sciences.

The purpose of Freshman Seminar is to introduce you to what a university is, to the purpose of a university education, and to what it means to be an educated person. It is unfortunate but true that many students come to universities without a clear understanding of what higher education is and what it can mean to them. Equally unfortunate is the fact that many faculty members assume that students have such an understanding when in fact they do not. Some students quickly learn what is expected of them and meet with great success at the university. Some do not. We created Freshman Seminar to help you understand the university, to get more from your college experience, and to help you get off to a good start.

This is not the typical orientation course in which the focus would be on the range of services available to students at a university. That information can certainly be useful, but that is not what we will do here. Our approach is different - we want to introduce you to what it means to be an educated person. But we will not lecture to you about this or about what a university is. Instead, we will let you directly experience what a university is by sharing with you the varied cultural and intellectual activities that occur at a major university.

Your Freshman Seminar section will be small. We have purposely restricted the size of sections so that you can get to know your instructor, and so that she or he can get to know you.

Together, you will go to the events listed on the syllabus and share your reactions to them. Your teacher will be someone you can turn to if you have problems during your first semester at K-State. We hope that through your association with the members of your class and your teacher, your transition to the university will be smooth and your tenure here at K-State will be successful.