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ARCH 301 - Appreciation of Architecture

Credits: (3)


Architecture is one of the most visible symbols of human civilization.  Successful architecture involves the archtect's use of spaces, forms and surfaces in such a way that a building meets the needs of both people and environment.  This course introduces the student to themes in architecture with the hope that he or she may become more aware of the built enviroments in which we all spend large portions of our daily lives.  The course is organized around five major themes:

  1. Introduction:  What architecture is and the forces that shapes it.
  2. History of architecture:  Egyptian to Renaissance.
  3. Ecological aspects of architecture:  vernacular and energy-efficient building.
  4. Behavioral aspects of architecture:  making environments work for people
  5. Modern architecture and teh future of Architecture

Aims for General Education

As an offering in K-State's general education curriculum, this course seeks to make students more aware of the built environment through a broad examination of historical, cultural, ecological, and aesthetic dimensions of architecture.  Specifically, the course has the following general-education aims:

  1. To stimulate an awareness of architectural traditions and styles so students might understand the built environment in a more informed and perceptive way;
  2. To highlight the significance of the built environment in human life and to demonstrate how architecture both shapes and is shaped by culture and society;
  3. To develop students' visual and aesthetic sensibilities through looking at architecture;
  4. To facilitate a deeper interest in architecture and, thereby, to provide a sphere of understanding that will enrich students' lives in the future.