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University Honors Program

Honors Courses

Honors Courses

Please follow the link below to view UHP courses for the current or upcoming semester. Course offerings for previous semesters are archived in the right sidebar.

Fall 2018 - All Courses

Fall 2018 - Suggested Courses for Incoming Students


One of the Spring 2018 sections of UHP 189: Honors First-Year Seminar
learning about the green roof at WWI Memorial Stadium

Information About Course Contracts

If you are interested in contracting a non-Honors course for UHP credit, first talk to the instructor (remember that faculty are NOT obligated to offer Honors contracts) and then enter the agreed-upon contract into the Honors Administration Link (HAL).  This should ideally happen before the start of the semester. 

Faculty Instructions:

Guidelines and Suggestions for Honors Contracts

Student Instructions:

How to Initiate a Course Contract

How to Pre-Contract a Course