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University Honors Program


Eager to reach your full potential as a scholarly, competent, and fulfilled leader?  Apply to join the UHP!  The University Honors Program, or the UHP, encourages students to grow in the intellectual craft of scholarship while experiencing what our director calls real joy in scholarship.  Through cultural and performing arts events, skill-development workshops, travel opportunities, and challenging course work, UHP students develop intellectual curiosity about the world, its wonders and its complexity.  Download our brochure here.

The Kansas State University Honors Program is designed to provide exceptional students with an understanding of contemporary concepts of common and diverse intellectual traditions, as well as discipline-specific knowledge. Our community of scholars will possess global awareness and competence in dealing with an increasingly diverse world, having had educational experiences that emphasize scholarship, critical thinking, and intellectual curiosity. Students in the program will possess superior written and oral communication skills and will become active participants in the lively discourse of today’s world.

Orientation and Enrollment Information for Summer 2015

Here is a list of UHP courses, including course descriptions, that might be particularly appropriate for new students enrolling at K-State during June 2015:

Word version: Fall 2015 UHP Courses for Incoming Freshmen

PDF version: Fall 2015 UHP Courses for Incoming Freshmen

Incoming students who have been accepted to the UHP, should tell their departmental advisors and consider what UHP courses might be appropriate for your curriculum. 

Eligible students who have not yet applied may also contact our office during O&E to provisionally enroll in UHP courses and initiate the application process.  In either case, feel free to stop by 215 Fairchild after you talk with your advisor.




Crossing Borders

K-State’s new undergraduate research journal - http://newprairiepress.org/crossingborders/


UHP Brochure

Printable brochure for the UHP