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DARS Upgrade Completed

The upgrade for K-State’s Degree Audit Reporting System (DARS) is complete and the new features are now available for advisor and student use. 

  • DARS audits now run only through KSIS, providing a consistent access method for advisors and students.
  • Pre-run DARS audits will run every seven days in KSIS, reducing the need for advisors and students to run them as often.
  • DARS audits can still be run on-demand to reflect newly changed data, such as grade changes, new enrollments, etc.
  • DARS audits now have enhanced formatting and are available as a PDF. Font sizes and colors have been changed to improve readability.
  • DARS exceptions are now entered in a web-based environment. 

Now that the upgrade is complete, old DARS audits in K-State Online (KSOL) are no longer available.

For information on viewing or running audits visit the appropriate KSIS web based help pages.

  • Advisors and Faculty click here (documentation is in the How to ... section)
  • Students click here (documentation is in the How to ... section)

If you have questions or need additional information, please email isis@k-state.edu.