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Human Resources

Human Resources
Kansas State University
103 Edwards Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506-4801


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Employee Data Representatives

DepartmentHourly StudentsGraduate StudentsUniversity Support StaffUnclassified
Administrative Units*PatPatBeckyBecky
AgricultureTerriTerriMary BethMary Beth
Alumni Records-StateTerriTerriTerriTerri
ArchitectureMary BethMary BethMary BethMary Beth
Arts & SciencesPatPatBeckyBecky
Assessment OfficePatPatBeckyBecky
AthleticsTerriTerriMary BethMary Beth
Beach Museum of ArtTerriTerriMary BethMary Beth
BramlageTerriTerriMary BethMary Beth
BusinessMary BethMary BethMary BethMary Beth
Career & Employment ServicesPatPatBeckyBecky
Center for Child DevelopmentTerriTerriMary BethMary Beth
Center for Engagement Comm DevelopBeckyBeckyBeckyBecky
Communications and MarketingPatPatBeckyBecky
Counseling ServicesPatPatBeckyBecky
EducationTerriTerriMary BethMary Beth
Educational LeadershipTerriTerriMary BethMary Beth
Education & Personal Dev. PatPatMary BethMary Beth
EngineeringTerriTerriMary BethMary Beth
Enterprise Server TechnologiesTerriTerriBeckyBecky
ExtensionTerriTerriMary BethMary Beth
Global CampusTerriTerriBeckyBecky
Greek AffairsPatPatMary BethMary Beth
Hale LibraryTerriTerriMary BethMary Beth
Housing & DiningTerriTerriMary BethMary Beth
Human EcologyTerriTerriBeckyBecky
Graduate SchoolBeckyBeckyBeckyBecky
Information Systems OfficeTerriTerriBeckyBecky
Info. Tech. Ass. Center (ITAC)TerriTerriBeckyBecky
International Programs PatPatBeckyBecky
K-State Student UnionTerriTerriMary BethMary Beth
KSU Police Dept.TerriTerriTerriTerri
Lafene Student Health CenterPatPatMary BethMary Beth
McCain AuditoriumTerriTerriMary BethMary Beth
New Student ServicesPatPatBeckyBecky
Office of DiversityPatPatBeckyBecky
Office of Student LifePatPatBeckyBecky
Parking ServicesPatPatTerriTerri
Planning & AnalysisPatPatBeckyBecky
Provost OfficePatPatBeckyBecky
Public SafetyTerriTerriTerriTerri
Recreational ServicesPatPatTerriTerri
Registrar's OfficePatPatBeckyBecky
Research,Vice Pres*BeckyBeckyBeckyBecky
School of Leadership StudiesPatPatBeckyBecky
Student Activities & ServicesPatPatBeckyBecky
Student Financial AssistancePatPatBeckyBecky
Student PublicationsTerriTerriMary BethMary Beth
Undergraduate AdmissionsPatPatBeckyBecky
Veterinary MedicineTerriTerriBeckyBecky
Vice Provost for Information Technology SvcsTerriTerriBeckyBecky
VP Student LifePatPatMary BethMary Beth


Administrative Units
  • Office of Academic Personnel
  • Admin & Finance Vice President
  • Budget Office
  • Division of Financial Services
  • Division of Human Resources
  • Internal Audit
Research,Vice Pres
  • National Ag Biosecurity Center
  • Biosecurity Research Institute
  • Lab Animal Resources
  • K-State Olathe Innovation Campus