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Human Capital Services

Hiring Process Redesign FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a kaizen?

The term kaizen (kahy-zen) is Japanese, meaning to change (kai) for the better (zen). Kaizen teams achieve this by analyzing every part of a work process, then transforming it to be simpler, faster, better and less costly. The hiring process redesign kaizen lasted 40 hours over five days, where we examined the current process, identified wastes, brainstormed creative ideas to assist in the redesign of the process.

Why did we do this?

The former hiring process was lengthy and confusing, leaving departments and candidates frustrated. HCS wants to ensure a great experience for all of our customers. To do so, we have streamlined the process as more efficient and effective. The purpose of the kaizen event was to enact change quickly and accurately. At the end of the event, we had redesigned the hiring process from start to finish. This process was then piloted across the K-State campus.

How were the participants chosen?

Many stakeholders were included in the kaizen. HCS worked very hard to identify and invite a diverse group of individuals from all employee types, campus locations, affiliated agencies and departments/colleges/divisions. While everyone we invited wasn't able to participate (40 hours is a big commitment!), we were very pleased with those who committed to the process.

Who participated in the event?
  • Alma Deutsch
  • Amanda McDiffett
  • Betsy Cauble
  • Charlottee Self
  • Cheryl Grice
  • Cheryl Johnson
  • Cindy Sicard
  • Cindy Williams
  • Crystal Sapp
  • Dean Vakas
  • Derek Smith
  • Fred Guzek
  • Frieda Beat
  • Gina Lowe
  • Jami Clark
  • Jennifer King
  • Jennyfer Owensby
  • John Leslie
  • Karlene Teske
  • Kristi Fronce
  • Loren Wilson
  • Lynn Carlin
  • Maria Beebe
  • Marlene Kunze Dolan
  • Monica Curnutt
  • Oscar Ruiz
  • Patsy Havenstein
  • Priscilla Roddy
  • Robert Vaile
  • Roberta Maldonado Franzen
  • Shanna Legleiter
  • Sheila Ellis-Glasper
Was there an opportunity to provide feedback?

HCS requested that each participant on the kaizen team be a "goodwill ambassador" to communicate the intent of this initiative to their colleagues, and to come prepared with their collective voice of the customer. We also conducted several focus groups with employees to ensure that we adequately captured the "as is" state of the hiring process. This information enabled the team to streamline the hiring process and increase the university's recruiting effectiveness.

This kaizen event placed the voice of the customer front and center. Employee surveys and focus groups were conducted to identify metrics, gather information and solicit feedback. HCS leadership appreciates that everyone wins from a streamlined hiring process that meets the needs of our customers.


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