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Department of Geology


Department Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Department of Geology to deliver excellence in teaching, research, and service so that our students are equipped with the knowledge to understand and predict how our planet works and to apply that knowledge to the key challenges facing society today: meeting demands for energy, mineral, water, and food, while responsibly managing our environment.

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Department e-Newsletter and photo album

Check out our e-Newsletter to keep up with recent events in the department. It is available here. Some images of Department events and local geology are available in our Twitter feed and Instagram account.

Why Choose to Study Geosciences

New Geosciences Building

We are actively raising funds for a new geosciences facility. We are excited about the proposed facility, what it could mean for our ability to train future geoscientists, and the progress we have made so far! Details about the facility and our fundraising efforts are available here.

Petroleum Geology Research Group Initiates Collaboration with China

The Petroleum Geology research group in the Department of Geology welcomes Dr. Bin Li, a visiting scholar from Southwestern Petroleum University in China.  Dr. Li, whose work is funded by the China Scholarship Council, will be working with Dr. Karin Goldberg for the next 12 months.  Dr. Goldberg and Dr. Li will focus on understanding the formation of deep, Cambrian carbonate reservoirs in the Tarim Basin, a major petroleum basin in China.  Their research aims to better understand the processes that control formation of these high quality reservoirs and to develop geological models that can guide exploration and optimize production in the Tarim Basin.

Mikaela Rader Receives the 2018 Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award from NAGT

Ms. Mikaela Rader of Kansas State University has received the 2018 Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award from the National Association of Geoscience Teachers. NAGT’s Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award is for a TA who has put forth exceptional effort and achieved exemplary success as a teaching assistant in the Earth sciences.  Dr. Brueseke of the Department of Geology at Kansas State University noted that Rader “has contributed to the curriculum of the introductory geology laboratory, with the development of an extensive activity for the Augmented Reality Sandbox. The AR Sandbox is one of the new teaching instruments that we acquired in the last year and she voluntarily trained herself to utilize the instrument and devoted many hours in the development of the AR Sandbox activity to fit well in the structure of geology laboratory.” In addition, “She is an excellent communicator, she developed the activity really well for the wide range of students enrolled in geology lab, she also developed a TA guide for the graduate teaching assistants who teach the labs and even provided instructions for instrument set up and calibration.” NAGT congratulates Ms. Mikaela Rader and thanks Kansas State University for providing an environment in which teaching assistants can flourish, follow their interests, and develop expertise in the vital teaching of Earth sciences.

KSU Alumnus, Paul Strunk, Receives AAPG Foundation Award

Paul M. Strunk, this year's recipient of the AAPG Foundation's L. Austin Weeks Memorial Medal, is being recognized for something he's done consistently over the past three decades.  He's provided valuable support and leadership to the AAPG Foundation, support to KSU to the geoscience building program, the Paul and Deana Strunk Geology Fellowship and other geology funds. Through those efforts Paul and Deana Strunk have provided valuable educational opportunities to an entire generation of geoscientists.  Strunk will formally be honored on April 2 in Houston, during the opening ceremony of the AAPG Annual Convention and Exhibition.  The KSU geology department is planning a reception at the convention.  Be on the lookout for details.

"Kansas State and the Kansas State Foundation are incredibly grateful for the generosity and leadership the Strunks have demonstrated through their continuous support," said Shelia J. Walker, the KSU Foundation's senior director of development.

If anyone would like to honor Paul and Deana with a gift to KSU, here's an online link: www.found.ksu.edu/give/Strunk

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