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Department of Geology


Department Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Department of Geology to deliver excellence in teaching, research, and service so that our students are equipped with the knowledge to understand and predict how our planet works and to apply that knowledge to the key challenges facing society today: meeting demands for energy, mineral, water, and food, while responsibly managing our environment.

Please click this link to find out how you can support the mission of the Department of Geology.

New Geosciences Building

We are actively raising funds for a new geosciences facility. We are excited about the proposed facility, what it could mean for our ability to train future geoscientists, and the progress we have made so far! Details about the facility and our fundraising efforts are available here.

Success at the AAPG Imperial Barrel competition

Congratulations to our team of students for their strong performance at the 2016 Imperial Barrel competition! This year's competition was at Chesapeake Energy's campus in Oklahoma City. Our students took third place in the competition, which included many larger university programs, an achievement that reflects the growing success of the Geology Program at Kansas State University. More details are available in the K-State Today press release.

Department Photo Album

Some images of Department events and local geology are available in our twitter feed. Check them out here.

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