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Department of Economics

Dr. Yang-Ming Chang | Publications

  • Yang-Ming Chang and Janaki Ram Pillarisetti, "Debt for Nature Swaps: A Simple Economic-Ecological Approach," International Review of Economics and Business, Vol: XLIV, No. 4, 1997, pp. 793-806.

  • Yang-Ming Chang and John T. Warren, "Allocative Efficiency and Diversification under Price-Cap Regulation," Information Economics and Policy, 9(1), 1997, pp. 3-17. (Lead paper)

  • Janaki Ram Pillarisetti and Yang-Ming Chang, "Secondary Market Value of Debt and Debt-for-Nature Swaps: Analysis of Potential Market in Developing Countries," Journal of Business and Economic Perspectives, 22(1), 1996, pp. 37-45.

  • Janaki Ram Pillarisetti and Yang-Ming Chang, "Country Risk, Market Distortions, and External Debt," Scandinavian Journal of Development Alternatives, 13(4), 1994, 71-81.

  • Yang-Ming Chang and Victor J. Tremblay, "Duopsony Models with Consistent Conjectures," Applied Economics Letters, 1(1), 1994, pp. 8-11.

  • Yang-Ming Chang, "Noncompliance Behavior of Risk Averse Firms under the Minimum Wage Law," Public Finance Review20(3), 1992, pp. 390-401.

  • Yang-Ming Chang and Victor J. Tremblay, "Oligopsony/Oligopoly Power and Factor Market Performance," Managerial and Decision Economics, 12, 1991, pp. 405-409.

  • Yang-Ming Chang, "Market Power and Output Stability under Demand Uncertainty," Atlantic Economic Journal, 18(2), June 1990.

  • Yang-Ming Chang and Victor J. Tremblay, "A Note on Methodology and Mathematics in Economic Research," Choices, Second Quarter 1990, pp. 40-41.

  • Yang-Ming Chang and Janaki R. Pillarisetti, "Debt and the Developing Countries: A Note on Optimal International Borrowing," Journal of Development Studies, 25(4), 1989, pp. 576-579.

  • Yang-Ming Chang and Isaac Ehrlich, "On the Economics of Compliance with the Minimum Wage Law," Journal of Political Economy, 93(1), 1985, pp. 84-91.
  • Yang-Ming Chang and Isaac Ehrlich, "Insurance, Protection from Risk, and Risk Bearing," Canadian Journal of Economics, 18(3), 1985, pp. 574-586.