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Department of Economics

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Economics Department
Kansas State University
327 Waters Hall
1603 Old Claflin Place
Manhattan, KS 66506
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Dr. Michael Babcock | Economics 631, Principles of Transportation

Practice Questions

Practice Questions 1 (PDF format)
Practice Questions 2 (PDF format)
Practice Questions 3 (PDF format)
Practice Questions 4 (PDF format)


Air Transporation   (PDF format)
Autos and Highways   (PDF format)
Mass Transit   (PDF format)
Freight Ton Miles by Mode/Passenger Miles by Mode (PDF format)
Trends in Intercity Freight Modal Market Shares    (PDF format)
Transportation Cost Location Model    (PDF format)
Comparison of Spatial Pricing Systems    (PDF format)
Derivation of Profit Maximizing Delivered Price    (PDF format)
Logistics System    (PDF format)
Factors Affecting Shipper-Carrier Negotiating Strength    (PDF format)
Private Transport    (PDF format)
Private Trucking Regulation    (PDF format)
Impact of Product Density on Motor Carrier Cost    (PDF format)
Rail Data    (PDF format)
Railroad Equipment    (PDF format)
Reasons for TOFC & COFC Growth    (PDF format)
Impact of Traffic on Rail Profit and Cost Per Ton    (PDF format)
The Case for Short Line Railroads    (PDF format)
Principal Findings    (PDF format)
Major Determinants of Short Line Railroad Profitability    (PDF format)
Water Carrier Data    (PDF format)
Dry Cargo Barges by Company (PDF format)
Liquid Cargo Barges by Company (PDF format)
Monthly Corn and Soybeans Transported by Barge on the Ohio river (PDF format)
Weekly Barge Rates, St. Louis to New Orleans (PDF format)
Oil Pipeline Data    (PDF format)
Stagnating Growth of Oil Pipelines    (PDF format)
Shipping Conferences    (PDF format)
Tramp Ship Chartering Systems    (PDF format)
Ocean Shipping Reform Act    (PDF format)
Airline Data    (PDF format)
Types of Air Carriers    (PDF format)
Airline Profit Maximization    (PDF format)
Amtrak Fact Sheet    (PDF format)
Percent Changes in Amtrak Passengers and Passenger Miles 95-97 / Percent Changes in Ticket Prices and Passenger Revenue    (PDF format)
Intercity Bus Passengers    (Word format)
Road Congestion Tax Example    (PDF format)
Estimates of Congestion Taxes    (PDF format)
Real World Experience With Congestion Pricing (PDF format)
Mass Transit Facts    (PDF format), (MS WORD format)
Mass Transit Elasticities    (PDF format)
Urban Transportation Mode Choice Example    (PDF format)
Low Income Commuter Mode Choice    (PDF format)
Magnitude of Changes to Divert Commuters to Transit    (PDF format)
Urban Transportation Cost Comparison    (PDF format)
Government Promotion Facts    (PDF format)
Reasons & Methods of Government Promotion of Transportation    (PDF format)
Federal and State Highway Taxes - Commercial Trucks    (PDF format)
Federal Government Promotion of Inland Waterway Transport    (PDF format)
Federal Government Financing of Airport Airway Programs    (PDF format)

Major Provisions of the Staggers Act of 1980    (PDF format)
Major Provisions of the Motor Carrier Act - 1980    (PDF format)
Major Provisions of the Airline Deregulation Act - 1978    (PDF format), (MS WORD format)
Effects of Deregulation    (PDF format)