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Department of Economics

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Economics Department
Kansas State University
327 Waters Hall
1603 Old Claflin Place
Manhattan, KS 66506
785-532-6919 fax



Dr. Michael Babcock | Economics 555, Urban Region Economics

Review Exams

Review Questions Exam 1    (PDF format)
Review Questions Exam 2    (PDF format)
Review Questions Exam 3    (PDF format)
Review Questions Exam 4    (PDF format)


Course Outline, Econ 555    (PDF format)
Agglomeration Economics    (PDF format)
Wage Effects of Clusters (PDF format)
Labor Matching    (PDF format)
Research Findings Localization/Urbanization Economics    (PDF format)
Costs and Benefits of Clusters (PDF format)
Location of the Transfer Oriented Industrial Firm    (PDF format)
The Principle of Median Location    (PDF format)
Effects of Taxes and Public Services on Location    (PDF format)
Market Area Analysis    (PDF format)
Impact of an Increase in Economies of Scale on Market Areas Fixed Demand    (PDF format)
Impact of an Increase in Economies of Scale on Market Areas Law of Demand    (PDF format)
Impact of a Decrease in Travel Costs on Market Areas Law of Demand    (PDF format)
The Central Place Model    (PDF format)
City Specific Innovation and Income (PDF format)
Economic Base Study    (PDF format)
National Self Sufficiency and Location Quotients (PDF format)
Sample Survey for Economic Base Study (PDF format)
I-O Multiplier Process    (PDF format)
Highway Construction Multipliers    (PDF format)
Forecasting Using the I-O Model (PDF format)
Who Benefits From Growth    (PDF format)
Assumptions of the Manufacturing Sector(PDF format)
Bid Rent of Manufacturing Firms    (PDF format)
Office Firm Choice of Building Height / Office Firm Bid Rent with Factor Substitution    (Word format)
Housing Price Function    (PDF format)
Convex Housing Price Function (PDF format)
Slope of the Housing Price Line With Consumer Substitution    (PDF format)
The Residential Bid Rent Function    (PDF format)
Suburbanization / Commuting Patterns / Office Subcenter Research    (Word format)
Road Congestion Tax Example    (PDF format)
Estimates of Congestion Taxes    (PDF format)
Benefits and Costs of Congestion Taxes    (PDF format)
Real World Experience With Congestion Pricing    (PDF format)
Social Optimum Road Width and Traffic Volume    (PDF format)
Congestion Taxes and Land Use    (PDF format)
Mass Transit Facts    (PDF format)
Mass Transit Elasticities / Implications of the Elasticities / Commuting Trip Phases    (PDF format)
Urban Transportation Mode Choice Example    (PDF format)
Magnitude of Changes to Divert Commuters to Transit    (PDF format)
Low Income Commuter Mode Choice    (PDF format)
Urban Transportation Cost Comparison    (PDF format)
Deregulation and Paratransit / British Transport Act of 1985    (PDF format)
Studies of Central City Poverty    (PDF format)
Central City Education    (PDF format)
Earnings and Discrimination    (PDF format)
Welfare Reform and Effects    (PDF format)