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Department of Economics

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Economics Department
Kansas State University
327 Waters Hall
1603 Old Claflin Place
Manhattan, KS 66506
785-532-6919 fax



Dr. Michael Babcock | Economics 120, Principles of Microeconomics 

Practice Tests

Practice Test 1      (PDF format)
Practice Test 2 Part 1    (PDF format)
Practice Test 2 Part 2    (PDF format)
Practice Test 3      (PDF format)

Review Questions

Review Questions Test 1    (PDF format)
Review Questions Test 2    (PDF format)
Review Questions Test 3    (PDF format)


Course Outline, Econ 120    (PDF format)
Forms of Business Organization    (PDF format)
Business Definitions    (PDF format)
Demand and Supply Definitions    (PDF format)
Education Pays Off    (PDF format)
Consumer Income and Expenditure    (PDF format)
Federal Government Finance    (PDF format)
State and Local Government Revenues and Expenditures    (PDF format)
International Trade    (PDF format)
U.S. Trade Patterns    (PDF format)
Advantages of Specialization and Trade    (PDF format)
Foreign Exchange Markets    (PDF format)
Total Revenues vs. Quantity    (PDF format)
Price Ceiling/Price Floor    (PDF format)
Price Elasticty of Demand    (PDF format)
T-Shirt Company Example    (PDF format)
Short Run Costs    (PDF format)
Relationship Ave. Product to Ave. Variable Cost and Marginal Product to Marginal Cost    (PDF format)
Profit Maximization Purely Competitive Firm    (PDF format)
Agriculture    (PDF format)
Farm Act of 2002    (PDF format)
Monopoly Profit Maximization    (PDF format)
Monopolistic Competition Short Run Profit Maximization    (PDF format)
Kinked Demand Oligopoly Model    (PDF format)
Advertising    (PDF format)
Major Points - Labor Demand    (PDF format)
Labor Demand    (PDF format)
Resource Demand - Imperfect Competitive Firm    (PDF format)
MRP Curve    (PDF format)
Profit Maximizing Combination of Resources    (PDF format)
Monopsony    (PDF format)
Income Distribution 2004    (PDF format)
Income Inequality    (PDF format)
Income Maintenance System    (PDF format)
Alternative Public Assistance Plans    (PDF format)
Provisions of Personal Responsibility Act-1996    (PDF format)
The Minimum Wage Controversy    (PDF format)