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Department of Economics

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Economics Department
Kansas State University
327 Waters Hall
1603 Old Claflin Place
Manhattan, KS 66506
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Dr. Yang-Ming Chang

Yang-Ming ChangPh.D., State University of New York - Buffalo, 1985

319 Waters Hall

Chang is Professor of Economics. His research interests include microeconomics, international trade, and industrial organization. Chang has concentrated his recent research projects on the economics of peace, the general equilibrium analysis of bargaining with endogenous and increasing destruction, as well as issues related to strategic trade policies, regional trade agreements, resource conflict, market competition, and the environment.

At K-State, Chang has supervised 20 Ph.D. students and 10 Master's students.  Students who were under Chang's supervision now work at government agencies, or at academic institutions such as Sam Houston State University, Rochester Institute of Technology, University of Wisconsin - Stout, Kansas State University, Fort Hays State University, California State University at Chico, Soochow University, and Syracuse University.  Based on statistics compiled by RePEc (Research Papers in Economics, a prominent ranking service in Economics), Chang is ranked in the top 5% of economists nationally according to the publication records of supervised students.

Chang’s research work has appeared (or is forthcoming) in a number of professional journals, including Journal of Political Economy, Canadian Journal of Economics (2), Economic Inquiry, Southern Economic Journal (2), Labour Economics, Journal of Population Economics (3), Economics Letters (2), Information Economics and Policy (2), International Review of Economics and Finance (2), Open Economies Review, The Journal of International Trade & Economic Development, Japan and the World Economy, Pacific Economic Review, Review of World Economics, Review of International Economics, Defence and Peace Economics (4), The Economics of Peace and Security Journal, Journal of Sports Economics, The B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy, Public Finance Review, Review of Law and Economics, European Journal of Political Economy, Journal of Regulatory Economics, and Public Choice.