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Department of Economics

Series on Economic Prosperity

The K-State Speaker Series on Economic Prosperity is underwritten by the Fred and Mary Koch Foundation.  This lecture series was established in 2009 and speakers typically demonstrate why they believe certain societies are more prosperous than others.  The speaker is typically a respected faculty member from another university who has some insight on the causes of economic prosperity.  this lecture is a public lecture that is accessible to a general audience and is hosted by the Kansas State University Economics Club.  This Lecture is scheduled to be given twice a year.

David Neumark, University of California-Irvine and Michael Reich, University of California-Berkeley - Debate October 1, 2015

David Autor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Kevin Murphy, University of Chicago - Debate April 2015

Mark Thoma, University of Oregon and Stephen Williamson, Washington University (St. Louis) - Debate April 2014
Brad DeLong
- University of California at Berkeley and Alan Reynolds- the Cato Institute (Debate) - April 2013
Cary Deck
- University of Arkansas - October 2012
Don Boudreaux
-George Mason University- April 2012
Dirk Mateer
 - Penn State University - October 2011
Roger Garrison - Auburn University - April 2011
David E.R. Gay - University of Arkansas - May 2010
Brian Brenberg - Kings College - November 2010