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Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution
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Selected Policies and Prodecures

Promotion and Tenure Guidelines (UHB Sec. C70 - C156.2)

Guidelines for Evaluation Faculty and Unclassified Professionals (UHB Appx. Q)

Policy and Procedure for Discrimination and Harassment Complaints 

Administrative Appeal and Grievance Policy and Hearing Procedures (UHB Appx. G)

Standards Notice of Non-Reappointment for Faculty (UHB Appx. A)

Standard Notice of Non-Reappointment for Administrative Appointment (UHB Sec. C170.3 - C171)

Faculty Senate Academic Honesty Policy (UHB Appx. F)

Review of Dismissal of Tenured Faculty (UHB Appx. M)

Reappointment: Faculty of Probationary Appt. (UHB Sec. C50.1 - 56)

Termination of Services (UHB Sec. C160.1 - C162.5)

Ombudspersons (UHB Sec. C192 - C194)

Policy on Mediation (UHB Appx. U)