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Responsible Conduct of Research

RCR Training Modules

URCO Training Module

Procedures to complete the training modules:

  • Click to enter the individual modules below. Each module consists of training slides and a quiz. Note: You will be required to enter your K-State EID and password to access the training.
  • After completing each module, you will be asked to complete an assurance page and submit it electronically.
  • A certificate page will be displayed to confirm training module completion. You may print this for your records.
  • The URCO will log your assurance into its database to verify and document your training status.

Training Modules:

  1. Responsible Conduct of Research
    Take Training Module


External Training Modules

National Institutes of Health (NIH) Office of Extramural Research (OER) online training for Conflict of Interest.

NIH Financial COI web tutorial

In "The Lab: Avoiding Research Misconduct," you become the lead characters in an interactive movie and make decisions about integrity in research that can have long-term consequences. The simulation addresses Responsible Conduct of Research topics such as avoiding research misconduct, mentorship responsibilities, handling of data, responsible authorship, and questionable research practices. "In the simulation, research misconduct causes a noted lab to lose funding, creates bad publicity for the university, and eventually causes the withdrawal of a multi-million dollar endowment. Viewers will have the opportunity to undo the damage by assuming the roles of a graduate student, post doc, principal investigator, and a research integrity officer and make decisions to prevent misconduct from occurring unnoticed."

The Lab: Avoiding Research Misconduct