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University Research Compliance Office

University Research Compliance Office

URCO helps researchers meet regulations so they can do their research as safely and efficiently as possible. Our team is here to help you navigate compliance and maintain K-State’s reputation for research integrity. University-wide committees provide regulatory oversight and guidance in:

  • Research on human subjects;
  • Research involving laboratory animal care and use; and
  • Research that uses recombinant or synthetic nucleic acid molecules or biohazardous materials.

URCO also oversees institutional biosafety and export controls programs, plus URCO administers training that all researchers are required or highly recommended to complete, including responsible conduct of research. 

All of our training is offered through the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative, or CITI, Program. Compliance programs and committees are listed in the menu on the left and contain training instructions tailored to individual areas. 

Please reach out to us if you have any questions!


Revisions to Human Subject Regulations:

The revised common rule goes into effect on January 21st, 2019. There will be a revised application and informed consent template that will need to be used starting on this date that incorporates the changes. Some of these changes are:

  • New definitions
  • Informed consent changes
  • Changes to exempt categories
  • Description of what is not "research with human subjects"

Check the URCO website as we will post resource documents soon.

For more information regarding these changes, please visit this page.

We welcome your questions or concerns related to research compliance at Kansas State University. Please include relevant details and your contact information in the text unless you wish to remain anonymous.