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University Research Compliance Office

University Research Compliance Office

All K-State faculty must complete Export Controls Program training, and Financial Conflict of Interest is highly encouraged. Other university activities that may involve research on human subjects, laboratory animal care and use, or that propose to use recombinant DNA or biohazardous materials must comply with applicable federal, state or local rules, regulations and guidelines. K-State has university-wide committees that provide regulatory oversight and guidance in these three critical areas. Individuals who plan efforts in any of these areas must receive formal approval from the appropriate compliance committee prior to commencement of the project.

Important Announcements:

Online Training Updated 7/14/15

URCO Online modules and Video Training Vignettes (VTVs) have been replaced with training provided through the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative program (CITI). The program will provide our researchers with high-quality, current and peer-reviewed research and ethics training. A few advantages:

  • CITI streamlines collaboration because the same platform serves researchers at academic institutions and organizations worldwide.
  • CITI training covers a broad range of topics and allows customized content.
  • CITI provides all training on one website.
  • CITI allows users to track and check their training status anytime by logging in and sends automated email reminders to users when training is due.

IMPORTANT: Current training will be honored for 3 years from your last completion date.

Contact Maggie Behnke: 2-3233, msbehnke@ksu.edu with any questions about the new training.