In the beginning...

Wade and Gabe

Tammy and Keri

Drs. Tomich, Muthukrishnan, and Varmus

Lalida's Thesis Cake

Moving the new mass spec into Burt hall

Jim's Graduation

Dr. Tomich - Crazy

Kathy and Lalida

Jim working with Dr. Tomich

Brad and Lalida

Burt Hall on a Sunny Day

Michelle avoids looking at the camera

Maria working in Kuwait City

2005 Cancer Awards

Maria in the hallway

Matt and a slightly elevated Dr. Tomich

Lalida's Graduation

Dr. Shank at her defense

Gary and Chanc E

Our ultraflex machine dangling from a crane behind Burt Hall

Sam's Chromosomes (it's a boy!)

Lalida serving during her graduation party

Shawna in Washington D.C. for an ACS meeting

Kanemitsu and John Tomich

Biotech wall in Burt Hall

Matt Warner beside a poster done by him and Jesse

Installing a Fume Hood through a window

Elizabeth Rayburn and Husband

Gabe and JT at graduation

Om Prakash in Black and White

Burt Hall the day after the June 11, 2008 tornado

The campus incurred an estimated $20 million in damages

Even the nuclear reactor needed some external repairs