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Carrie Ambler, Ph.D. University of North Carolina
Michelle Amthauer      
Ann Arnold, MD       Graduate of Creighton University Medical School
Juan Bayolo     University of Puerto Rico
Naomi Beeman Emory University, Atlanta Georgia
Brandi Biggs Life Skills Education Coordinator, Ser Corporation, Wichita, KS
Aaron Bogart    please call in
Kathy Bowen   Department of Biochemistry, University of Louisville , KY
Bob Brandt             Store Manager- Belli Bros. Music, McPherson, KS
Jim Broughman,Ph.D. University of Texas, Health Science Center (fellow with Andy Morris)
Bing Cai  Amgen, Thousand Oaks California
Kyle Cassias MD EM Resident UMKC, Kansas City
Elliott Clark New Jersey State Police Crime Lab
Jesse Coleman University of Iowa, School of Medicine
Gabe Cook, Ph.D. Fellow, University of California, San Diego
Cara Crumbliss Sigma Chemical Company
Maria Deleon-Arizpe U.S. Customs Agent (In Training)
Kim DeLeon, DVM   Licensed in Kansas
Sarah Devlin KU School of Medicine
Jamie Erikson  RN program at University of Nebraska, Omaha
Michelle Evans, Ph.D. Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Univ. of Notre Dame
Kevin Evel-Kabler, Ph.D. Fellow at Bayler College of Medicine, Houston TX
Shawna Frazier California Institute of Technology, Pasadena California (Graduate Student)
Keri Goodman   University of Georgia
Lindsey Hahn Kansas State University
Tom Heck, DVM Cilley Animal Hospital Concord, NH
Chris A. Hubener, MD Clinical Instructor, KUSM-Wichita Department of Anesthesiology
Corby Kassebaum Human Genome Sciences, Maryland
Sam King Working in Industry
Haruyuki Kinoshita  Patent agent, Tokyo, Japan
Greg Latham, MD   Assistant Professor of Pediatric Anaesthesia, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
John Latham U.Texas-Houston Health Science Center
Yonih Lee, Ph.D Retired
Kathy Mitchell, Ph.D. Dept. of Pharmacology and Toxicology, University of Kansas
Allie Moore MS Kansas State University
Robin Moore MS University of Kansas, Department of Chemistry
Amanda Mouradian DVM  Lake Olympia Animal Hospital Missouri City , TX
Jill Murphy please call in
Katherine Oh Pharm D.    Pharmacist in Southern California
Chris Oppert University of Tennessee
Tammy Osborn Kansas State University
Ryan Peck Accepted at the University of Kansas Medical School
Courtney Pitzer please call in
Allen Poppe BioNebraska
Gary Radke Camping Out in Des Moines, IA
Liz Rayburn Fellow at U.A.B.
Rama Rengarajan, Ph.D. ICI- Quest International, Flavor Chemist
Shyamala Rajagopalan Ph.D. Nanoscale Science, Manhattan, Kansas
Ashley Robbins, MD Medical Doctor
George Savic Amgen, Thousand Oaks California
Maria Seabra MS Graduate Student, University of Florida
Lalida P. Shank, Ph.D. Department of Chemistry, Chiang Mai University, Thailand
Chris Schmidt Brandeis University, Waltham MA
April Scott, PA, PA-C
Galichia Medical Group, P.A. Wichita, KS 67220
Amber Smies Nichols, RN   Menorah Medical Center. Overland Park, KS
Suma Somasekharan Yale University School of Medicine
Jody Stucky MD Diagnostic Radiology, Jacksonville FL
Zarry Tavakkol MD Dermatology Resident, University of Washington
Wade Takeguchi MS Amgen, Thousand Oaks, CA
Jacob Taussig University of Kansas Medical School
Ali Toumadj University of Minnesota School of Pharmacy
Marilyn G Tomich, BSN Johns Hopkins University
Matt Tomich Haverford College in Philidelphia, PA
Sam Tomich Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT
Joyce H Tripses Pictured here with her son, Cal
Kristi Vanalstine please call in
Tanya Warnecke University of Colorado, Boulder CO
Matt Warner      
Solly Weiler, Ph.D. AVEO Pharmaceuticals, Cambridge, MA
Caroline Wood Practicing engineer in industry
Chanc E van Winkle- Scientific Writer, Boston, Mass
Linde Wright DVM please call in
Kaila Young please call in
Liang Zhang KU School of Pharmacy
Yiqing Zheng MS Bio-Synthesis, Lewisville, Texas

this list was last updated in June of 2008, if your name is missing or you have new information regarding your current employment, location, or a picture for us to add, please contact the lab and we'll be happy to work that information into the site =)